Michael Ricci


Animated by a desire to serve, Michael Ricci recently completed an 18-year run in frontline politics and public service, working his way up from speechwriting to leading major communications operations at the state and federal levels.

Most recently, Michael served as director of communications for Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, helping to advance his agenda and maintain one of the highest job approval ratings in the country.

He led the state’s public relations response to the COVID-19 pandemic, coordinating daily press conferences, developing a multi-phase marketing campaign, and leveraging social media to connect directly with constituents. Michael’s approach was described as a “master class in crisis communications” on CNN and The Capital Gazette called his performance “consistent, objective, and almost omnipresent.” In 2022, The Daily Record named Michael as an Influential Marylander in the field of communications.

Before that, Michael was a longtime leadership aide on Capitol Hill, with senior communications roles in the speakerships of both John Boehner and Paul Ryan. For Speaker Ryan, he was director of communications, coordinating messaging that led to the enactment of major tax reform and overseeing institutional communications for the U.S. Capitol. For Speaker Boehner, he was chief speechwriter and deputy director of communications, overseeing content development and distribution. Michael also worked for the House Republican conference, under Rep. Adam Putnam, and the National Republican Congressional Committee, under Rep. Tom Reynolds.

For the Spring 2023 semester, Michael is a Fellow at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service, leading a discussion group about crisis communications.

Michael grew up on Long Island and attended Columbia University in New York, NY. He is a member of the University of Maryland Medical System Board of Directors, as well as the Montgomery County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and is a lector at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Potomac, Maryland. 

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