Chris Billeter, Director

  • Has both a turnpike and a parkway exit #NJ
  • Lover of all things Mel Brooks
  • “Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.” – Douglas Adams

Chris Billeter has spent almost his entire career working in digital communication, and has experience both in the public affairs and political space.

As Blue Engine + JDA Director, Chris works with all of our clients to help them craft their online message and increase their reach among online audiences.

Prior to joining the Blue Engine + JDA team, Chris served as the Deputy Digital Director for the National Republican Congressional Committee, helping the NRCC and their campaigns shape and execute their online efforts.  Working closely with individual campaigns, he helped develop strategies to enhance their online efforts in addition to managing the digital components of national campaigns run by the NRCC.

His previous experience also includes public affairs work as part of the digital team at the DCI Group, where he was responsible for helping clients execute all online aspects of their campaigns. Before the DCI Group, Chris was a consultant for FRANEO, specializing in online mass communication.

Chris lives in Arlington, Virginia and graduated from the American University with a BA in Political Science.  He’s originally from Allendale, NJ, which was a popular vacation spot for baseball great Babe Ruth.